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PrimaryScienceTuition.com.sg is a valuable part of our ever expanding list of educational websites that aim to revolutionize the way students learn. Our learning portals span across multiple levels, subjects and functions, all having the purpose of making learning more affordable, efficient and engaging for students of all levels. With our extensive list of educational materials available, we help prepare students for academic distinction.

Know more about our primary Science tuition programme

Our primary science tuition programmes are headed by tutors who have with them years of experience and they will be able to provide students with the relevant knowledge, insights as well as tips and tricks on how to conquer whatever difficulties that lie in the primary science examination paper.

How you will learn during our Primary Science Tuition

Students undergoing our primary science tuition programmes will be put through an extensive curriculum designed to push them beyond their limits so that they will be able to outperform themselves during the examinations. Our tutors ensure that students learn in an environment that is nurturing and suitable for knowledge acquisition.

Class Discussions and Experiments

Be immersed in engaging and enriching class discussions and experiments conducted by our tutors, that will transport you into the fascinating world of science.

Topical Assessments

Strengthen your understanding in scientific concepts and skills through our topical assessments that will ensure students minimise conceptual errors during exams.

Peer Review

The conductance of our peer review sessions will ensure students will be able to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses to improve at a much faster rate.

Our Integrated Primary Science Tuition Resources Network

Our integrated primary science tuition resource network ensures that students have access to the best educational materials anytime, anywhere to help them prepare for their primary science examinations. Our network of websites complement each other to provide users with a seamless educational experience.

Primary Tuition Hub

Primary tuition hub features english, math and science educational materials for students undergoing primary education. We aim to be the one stop area for all of the primary students’ needs.


SGEducators is a comprehensive online education co-learning space for students and parents to discover useful information about primary, secondary and JC education.


WhyLearn is an interactive and integrative educational portal that connects students, educators and parents in hopes of fostering a learning community in our rapidly changing digital economy.

Science Tuition Hub

Students over at science tuition hub will be able to access primary science materials ranging from practice papers to notes easily so that they can elevate their understanding in the subject.

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