Understanding Primary Science Examination Syllabus

The ability to understand the primary science syllabus together with its requirements fully will no doubt allow students to better manage their revision. knowing the requirements will allow students to understand which areas to focus on and thereby allowing them to study for primary science with utmost efficiency.

Primary Science Topics

The primary science syllabus is extensive and aims to build up 21st century competencies as well as students’ scientific literacy to be able to survive and thrive in our ever-changing world today.


In this theme, students will learn more about living and non-living things that exist around the world as well as the characteristics that define the living and non-living.


Under this theme, students will explore the repeated patterns of change that exist in nature so as to aid them in making more informed, accurate predictions.


This theme will explore the various types of systems that exist, such as those that exist within our bodies and those that are man-made, eg.electrical systems.


The theme will allow students to understand the interactions between and within systems allowing us to establish meaningful relationships between them.


Under this theme students will be made to understand and appreciate the importance, uses and concepts of energy.

Primary Science Paper

Our primary science tuition programme is designed to help students struggling in the subject to improve at a gradual, comfortable pace. Students will be taught by experienced tutors who will ensure that they understand each and every scientific concept thoroughly. Our tutors are also keen on constantly reviewing students’ progress to keep track of their improvement.

Section A

Students will be taught to understand the requirements of the question by identifying and reading the question carefully so as to formulate answers that address the question.

Section B

Tutors will help students bridge gaps between their conceptual understanding to strengthen their scientific knowledge through topical assessments and concise science topical revision notes.

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