Science Enrichment Programme

Our science enrichment programme features stimulating materials and lesson programmes that will help take student’s understanding of science to a new different level. Our enrichment programmes are crafted and personalized according to the student’s learning abilities and needs to ensure learning is done at a comfortable, optimal pace.

What we teach in our Science Enrichment Programme

Here students will be given specially designed quizzes and will learn using E-learning to help them develop the necessary critical reasoning and answering techniques needed to ace the primary science examinations.

Time Management

Our tutors over ta primary science tuition will instill in students proper time management skills through topical timed practices and good time management skills so that they can complete the paper and have ample time to check it once through.

Critical Reasoning

We help develop students’ critical reasoning by giving them science questions that will allow them to practice whatever they have learnt; to comprehend the question and use concepts with clarity and accuracy.


Application of scientific concepts is one thing we stress on during our primary science tuition programmes. We help students do so through experiments, demonstrations and group projects to broaden their understanding.

How can Science Enrichment Programme help you as a primary school student

Our primary science tuition programme was developed meticulously by our tutors to ensure that every student that passes through our tuition programme will develop mastery over primary science. Our tuition programme strives to provide enriching and engaging science lessons so that students will be able to grow and improve in this subject.

Access An Abundance Of Educational Materials

Our primary science tuition programme gives students unfettered access to a wealth of science related educational materials ranging from science notes, science education guides to E-learning materials and much more. Our educational materials are always changing and expanding to suit and accomodate the needs of student so that they can learn comfortably.

Seek Help From Qualified Tutors

Our tutors have been teaching primary science for many years and are qualified and dedicated to providing students with the best primary science tuition experience. Our tutors ensure that students are developed holistically by placing equal emphasis on both the development of their academic progress as well as their emotional and social well-being.

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