Primary Science Tuition

Our primary science tuition strives to ensure that students are armed with the necessary observational, inference, experimental, evaluative, analytical and classification skills needed to perform during the primary science paper. Our tutors structure the science tuition programmes in ways that foster and encourage active participation on the part of students through a combination of class experimental demonstrations, group projects and even field trips. This helps to take the learning of science beyond the classroom to allow for greater engagement and interest from students.

What’s New for our Primary Science Tuition?

Stay relevant with our various featured primary science tuition educational articles and science related activities that will help arouse students’ interest in the subject.

Primary Science examination techniques

Get valuable tips and tricks from our tutors that will help you do better during the primary science examination paper.

Primary Science syllabus

Stay up to date with the latest changes to the primary science syllabus so that you will know what to study for the examinations.

Primary Science Notes

Gain access to a wealth of topical primary science notes that will help provide students with fresh new knowledge and insight about the various topics.

How our Primary Science Tuition can prepare you for an A?

Our primary science tuition programme is designed to help students struggling in the subject to improve at a gradual, comfortable pace. Students will be taught by experienced tutors who will ensure that they understand each and every scientific concept thoroughly. Our tutors are also keen on constantly reviewing students’ progress to keep track of their improvement.

Identify Question Requirements

Students will be taught to understand the requirements of the question by identifying and reading the question carefully so as to formulate answers that address the question.

Narrow Down On Misconceptions

Tutors will help students bridge gaps between their conceptual understanding to strengthen their scientific knowledge through topical assessments and concise science topical revision notes.

Reduce Carelessness

One of the more prominent ways tutors will help students reduce carelessness is to ensure that they have sufficient practice on the various topics that will be tested for the examinations to raise proficiency and familiarity with the types of questions.

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